Mobile Land Rover Service In Sydney

Posted by Henk Vos | Land Rover | Friday 4 February 2011 4:28 pm

Land rover has had a number of owners during its history. It is owned by Ford these days and it is highly profitable for them. And while Land Rovers have an enviable reputation in the 4×4 realm they do require regular service and mobile Land Rover service is a really great option compared to dealer service.

Compared to the Jeep Land Rover is not over priced. It is a better much tougher 4×4. It may also be more comfy, but that does nothing but hinder you on the trail.

It has a huge problem rating, almost twice that of the second least reliable production car available in America and does require a high level of service and you often have to buy additional Land Rover spare parts.

It has established driving schools around the world, with four locations in North America. It has marketed itself so well that in Chelsea, London, Land Rovers are known as Chelsea tractors. Land rover has built their reputation on developing vehicles that give superior performance in off-road conditions with great comfort in city driving. That’s why Land Rover owners love them.

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