Auto-mobile racing Questions, I wanna race?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Formula One | Tuesday 6 April 2010 2:23 am

I live in Pensacola, Fl. I watched a 5 flags spee-way race bout a year ago, and felt like I was Speed Racer-I decided ounce I bought a fast car that I wouldn’t race the streets despite the money I was promised for my skills despite my age of 16, I feel it’s irresponsible. So I thought to enter either General Rallies where any car despite whatever its type is, may race, or to audition for a team, and even…make my own car/team(already got a good crew chief), I would like any knowledge pretaining to where I can race a car in a no-class race, any tips of what teams may want a driver, or what guidlines are needed for the car to be amisable into stock races-Heck any tips on driving the circuit would be aprreciated too. Again, I Love to drive and want to race so I thank everyone in advanced for your time and any help you may offer-Thank you.

P.S. – I would prefer nobody makes fun of me for being 16-becuase it’s not illegal in Fl.(already chekced), or my views of street-racing for money, Thumper’s Rule ya’ll, Thanks Again.

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