Cobra Radar Detector

Posted by Hitch Covers | Fashion & Accessories,Gadgets | Friday 2 March 2012 7:56 pm

Were you caught RIDIN DIRTY? Yeah, we’ve all heard the rap song. Although I can’t tell you exactly what it means, I’m assuming it concerns breaking the law. Maybe driving drunk, or under the influence of drugs. Or possibly just speeding like a wild teenager. This seems to be the most common traffic violation known to man. I’ve been pulled over for speeding five times in my life. Twice I received a ticket and the other times I got off scott-free. I quickly realized that your attitude plays a huge part. The officers that did not pass me a ticket seemed pleased that I was so polite and simple to deal with. I tell you, I’m pretty sure it’s what got me off. Nothing beats a stellar attitude. Alright, on a more serious note, there are ways you can prevent getting caught “ridin dirty.” One of the basic ones is by purchasing a cobra radar detector.

Diaper Changing Tables

My brother purchased a radar detector right after he got his license. I didn’t think much of it at the time, since I was only 14 years old. However, once I started riding with him, I soon understood the deal. He was a speeder! The guy had one serious lead foot. And every once in a while I would hear that cobra radar detector go BEEP BEEP BEEP. This was the fair warning that a cop or trooper was close by. My brother would immediately hit the breaks and slow it down. Before we knew it, a patrol car would either roll past or we’d spot one on the roadside. That’s when you just look at them with a grin of satisfaction. Not that they’d notice with that box of Dunkin Doughnuts on their lap.

Diaper Changing Table

Be warned! Not ever state or city is going to allow a contemporary cobra radar detector on your dash or windshield. Cops and state troopers can tell if you have one of these and some of them think it means you’re a speed demon. Clearly if you’re cruising around with a cobra radar detector, you’re planning on exceeding the speed limit, right? Okay, we all know that’s not the case. Sometimes we break the speed limit by accident. No one uses cruise control all the time. Regardless, NEVER take a cobra radar detector into a state that outlaws them. It’s not worth it!

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Versatility Of Pashminas

Posted by Claire | Fashion & Accessories | Friday 20 January 2012 8:59 pm

It is not that easy to find an item in your close that you can suitably year all year. But pashminas belong into this timeless category. Aside from their light and beautiful look, they are amazingly warm and comfortable as well. It is versatile that it can go well with almost any outfit. It is also easy to wear that you can tie it in several fashions. This will definitely enhance your look aside from the fact that it keeps you feel comfortably warm especially during winter. Pashminas are also excellent to use for evening occasions as they deliver elegance most especially the authentic and luxurious ones that are beyond compare to another accessory.

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Main Uses of Scarf

Posted by Claire | Fashion & Accessories | Friday 6 January 2012 11:33 am

A scarf is a piece of cloth used primarily to cover head as a sort of protection against dust and scorching heat of the sun. But nowadays, it is used is a fashion accessory to complete women outfits and to create style without spending a fortune. A scar is worn around the neck and can perfectly go with formal or casual dress. If you are in the market for scarf, you will find thousands of different choices as they come in wide variety of designs, colors and sizes. It is long enough to tie around your neck and there is a vast selection of style. Not only that it enhances look, a scarf can also complete your outfit and adds appeal to your personality as well.

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Adjusting the Pipes

Posted by Jim Stelling | Aftermarket Car Parts Accessories,Car Parts,Fashion & Accessories,Performance | Wednesday 16 November 2011 11:28 am

If you are a car guy, then you have probably rebuilt a car or two out of parts. However, for those who have no idea how to rebuild a vehicle (let alone why they should), these are a few thoughts for you. Let’s talk pipes.

Your exhaust and tail pipes are important to both the mileage and overall image of your vehicle. Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, Sacramento custom exhaust systems will help your baby look and feel like a winner. Here are your options.

Image – The design of your exhaust system can drastically change how the public views your vehicle. Custom bending and design of exhaust and tail pipes can shape your dreams for the perfect look and also add to the animal magnetism of your project. In short, custom designs add a bit of awesomeness.

Performance – As any good car guy knows, your vehicle’s performance can be seriously affected by the exhaust system. So, if you want to optimize performance or increase your fuel mileage, a new system might be just the thing. The key is to find a garage or person who specializes in custom designs so you gain performance instead of lose it.

Options – If you want to increase performance or simply improve the image of your vehicle, you have options. Custom pipes come in stainless steel or aluminized tubing, so you can pick your poison. Plus, you can choose any size between 1 inches and 6 inches, so it will look exactly how you’ve envisioned it.

Let’s be honest – Unless your car doesn’t run, it technically doesn’t need any work. But the entire point of working on a car isn’t to get it to run. You want a car that gives you a personal sense of style, a car that others look at with envy. In other words, you want to build a dream and then show it off. And that’s okay! The goal of any good rebuild is to gain a working vehicle that looks as awesome as it feels to drive. Aim for that goal.

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Prescription Motorcycle glasses

Posted by Trainer | Fashion & Accessories | Monday 26 September 2011 8:25 am

No longer to prescription eye glass wearers need to worryon those sunny days when your regular lenses just don’t help. Or maybe you wear contacts and they are just bothering you too much to keep them in while you lay out at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

Now you can get prescription motorcycle glasses in almost any style and for almost any prescription.

From Gucci to Pravda, almost every fashion designer that has a line of regular prescription eyeglasses also has
available fashionable sunglasses for the public.Now you don’t need to worry about searching for those tacky clip-on shades for your sunglasses or dealing with contact lenses when they bother your eyes.

Prescription sunglasses have become readily available at your local optometrist’s office. Prescriptions range
anywhere from basic to high prescriptions, bifocals and progressive lenses for the prebyoptic consumer.There are even lines of children’s sunglasses for the kids in your life who wear prescription lenses.The styles of prescription sunglasses available are pretty much the same as basic sunglasses. One exception is the wrap around glasses.

Prescription lenses that curve typically distort vision, but Oakley makes a wraparound style that does accept
prescription lenses. And lenses that hold a slightly curved wrap are available.For people who don’t want to bother with prescription sunglasses, there are now lenses called photo chromatic
lenses.These are an amazing innovation, your regular lenses are coated with a material that darkens in the sunlight and return to normal when indoors.

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Best Radar Detectors.See Why Bel STI And Escort Redline Are The Best Undetectable Detectors

Posted by Peter Karpouzas | Aftermarket,Fashion & Accessories,Other – Auto Racing | Tuesday 30 August 2011 10:50 pm

Two of the best radar detectors on the market currently protecting drivers against Police radar are the Bel STI Driver and The Escort Redline. For most of the drivers in the United States, radar detectors are common electronic devices that are widely used in the cars to determine if the speed is monitored by the police radar unit. The interesting part is that studies claim that the vehicles using radar detectors have a reduced threat of accidents whereas Police tend to state quite the opposite. Revenue always has something to do with this. That it why, use off the radar detectors is illegal in some parts of the United States and most parts of Canada and other countries such as Australia. So before you want to buy a radar detector it is better to check with the legal guidelines on the use of it, that are prevailing in your state. If you are concerned about detectability The Bel and Redline detectors are undetectable by Police RDD’S

Lets understand how a radar detector works. In most of the cases, the radar unit bounces a radio wave off a moving vehicle with help of a radar gun that in turn determines the speed of the vehicle. With the change in the technology, the new speed detection devices used by the radar units are based on pulsed laser light, which is commonly referred to as LIDAR, rather than using the radio waves. If you would like to read more on the use of radars and radar detectors visit the radar detector review now

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Why Sunglasses can benefit your Fashion and Health…

Posted by Dan | Fashion & Accessories | Tuesday 12 July 2011 7:25 am

Why were Sunglasses invented?

Sunglasses in their most basic form were first used by the Chinese in the 12th century. However it wasn’t until the 1920’s in America that they were mass produced and entered the fashion market in a big way. It was their association with film stars and sports stars that broadened the appeal which led on to the creation of the designer sunglasses that we see today.

Fashion Sunglasses can improve the health of your eyes…

One of the main benefits of sunglasses is the health issue in the form of UV protection. All modern sunglasses that are made to a decent standard are required to have UV protection up to 400um and it should state this on a sticker or tag attached to the product.

Designer Sunglasses are perfect Fashion & Accessories gifts in my eyes…

It is very important that sunglasses are made correctly as excessive exposure to strong sunlight can damage the delicate structures of the eyes. Cataracts, pterygia and keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) are all conditions that can be brought on by too much exposure to bright sunlight. But once you have decided you need a good quality pair of sunglasses how do you go about deciding what’s best for me?

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Do You Know How To Buy Gold Charm Bracelets?

Posted by John | Fashion & Accessories | Tuesday 28 June 2011 8:49 pm

Charm bracelets are many when it comes to types. However, the two popular charm bracelets are the links and tokens. The link charm bracelet is the first type that was introduced commercially. It’s composed of different charm links attached to each other from one end to another, and thus has a springy appearance. It does not have any bling hanging from the chain.

The token bracelets, on the other hand, is a circular solid bracelet that is slimmer than a bangle, and has tokens hanging around the bracelet. The tokens are normally coin-shaped and can move and rotate throughout the bracelet.

Today, the charms have evolved and become more versatile, unique and creative. They come in different themes such as religions and patriotism, family and relationships, hobby and sports, love and advocacy, and even animals and flowers…read more about gold charm bracelets.

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Do You Know Which Credit Card Wallets To Buy?

Posted by John | Fashion & Accessories | Monday 20 June 2011 12:35 am

The current generation is characterized by portability and compartment. What does this mean? Simply that nowadays, people give value to something that can be carried anywhere like mobile and wireless phones, Mp4 and other small gadgets.

When it comes to compartment, people need something that can hold their things while making sure that they are safe and properly encased. This is the reason why we buy bags for laptops, holders of CDs and DVDs as well as wallets with multiple divisions.

Purses and wallets are crafted for money and coins only and though you may slip a couple of cards inside, that still don’t mean that they can really carry everything. If you overstuff them, you’ll just end up destroying your wallet…read more information about credit card wallet.

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what would look hot on me i need help to look hot for 9th grade?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Fashion & Accessories | Tuesday 9 March 2010 1:12 pm

missy w
iam going into the 9th grade iam 15 almost 16 and incase youre wondring (wow thats a lil old for going into the 9th) its actullay because i got held back for a learning disorder and my height anyway if i explain exacly who i am i would like to here some tips for my to do

1. i have brown hair and hazle eyes iam skinny and weigh about 109.5 yes i know iam fat lol but i can fit in size 0 and 1 for pants

2. i am about 5″2 and i love to skatebaord and listn to screamo music

3. when i grow up there are 3 things iam intressted in doing this would be a strom chaser, a ghost hunter, and a hair stylst

4. the guys that iam intressted in are actully lol every type i like preppy guys to emo to skater to all over

5. i love to watch mtv, cmt, fuse, adult swim, and street racing action stuff

6. i love music its me life,

7. i am a random person like no lie ill be quite all day and ill start saying random words like apples and cars and all that stuff i can actully get annoying but some of my friends dont mind they said its better to here me talk random then not to talk at all

8. sometimes i used to sneak out and my friends would let me drive i love to drive XD

9. i drink

10. i love to explor and make ppl laugh

11. i love to cuddle and hug

12. i love to be touched

13. iam gona start a band soon called toxicscream

Tell us what you think!

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