Different Dirt Bike Tires for all Kinds of Terrain

Posted by Anne-Marie Boucher | Cycling,Maintenance & Repairs | Monday 29 November 2010 8:23 pm

Bike tires should be checked regularly and well maintained. Dirt bike tires are made with rubber-knobbed dirt terrain chewers that offer the best in braking system, acceleration and shock absorption.

Dirt bike tires are available in many colors, sizes and shapes to suit the individual bike and it’s needs. For example, if you terrain is very hard then soft outer rubber tires are the right choice. They provide the best tire grip on rough and rugged surfaces. If your preference is soft terrain including sand and mud then getting dirt bike tires with knobs further apart from each other is better and the sand and mud will be thrown away from the tires to prevent clogging. Most dirt bikes have the front tire with spiky knobs.

Some bikers ride in both types of terrain. For this use an intermediate tire sturdily built to handle any type of terrain should be selected. However, If you are riding in desert conditions then the paddle tires are better because they offer a much smoother ride and better traction.

Dirt bike tires are very sturdy and durable. All manufacturers are very careful in building the tires since it involves the most important part of the dirt bike. But bottom line, it comes down to the consumers to pick the best tires for their dirt bikes.

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Getting Started on Racing BMX?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Cycling | Tuesday 31 August 2010 12:03 am

I usually do more street BMX, but I wanted to get into racing more. How can I get started? Or some tips on racing BMX?

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