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Chevy Continues Domination Of Nextel Cup Series

With the tenth race of the Nextel Cup Series already in the books, Chevy has shown once again that they are dominating this season. Out of the ten races that has just transpired, Chevy cars have won nine of them including the recently concluded Jimmy Stewart 400 which took place at the Richmond International Speedway in Richmond, Virginia. The said race was postponed due to heavy rains and was rescheduled last Saturday night. After 400 laps or 300 miles of racing, a Chevy car driven by defending champion Jimmie Johnson emerged as the winner. This is the fourth race this season wherein Johnson won a race on his No. 48 Lowes Impala SS.

Speaking after the race, Johnson expressed his feelings on his victory at the event. This means the world to me to win here, says Johnson. We haven’t been that strong here. It reminds me a lot of Indy last year where we came back and we were able to beat a track that’s tough on us. I think this car has been an opportunity for myself and for the team to kind of learn the right setup feeling the right the rhythm at this track.

This chemistry between Johnson and his engineers has led to another good showing for the champion. From the start to the finish of the race, Johnson showed why he is the man to beat this season. He took control of the top spot with 20 laps to go and never relinquished that lead until lap number 400. After the race, Johnson also expressed his feelings about the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. I feel honored to win this race here in Virginia. Obviously what took place, no one could ever describe. It’s just so sad, I don’t even know where to start, says Johnson. I didn’t go to school there, have a lot of close friends that did, great people that work at Hendrick Motorsports that have and certainly want to dedicate this win to them.

The dominance of the Chevy Impala SS this season is evident in the fact that following Johnson are three Chevy Impalas. The second place was taken by Johnsons teammate Kyle Busch on his No. 5 Kelloggs-CARQUEST Impala SS. Speaking after the race, Busch summed up his cars performance in the recently concluded race. That was a good run for our Kellogg’s-CARQUEST Impala SS, says Busch. You know we struggle in qualifying with these things but we seem to get it when the race turns around so we also want to thank all my sponsors and all the people that are behind us, he added.

Busch also talked about his and Johnsons performance during the race after the restart. I think mine fell off a little bit and his got better, because we kind of gapped out, Busch said. Normally we could run together but the restart before I was a little bit better than he was and I got a good start and I got down in one and two and got a good jump on everybody but that last caution came out again. I think he would have caught us anyway. He was a little bit better overall than we were but it’s still a good day for Hendrick Motorsports – one, two, four, I believe.

Taking the third spot after the race is the No. 11 FedEx Express Impala SS driven by Denny Hamlin. The driver spoke about his performance after the race saying that: We definitely had an up-and-down day but for the most part our car was pretty good. He summed up his cars performance for the race. We were coming on there at the end and got caught behind a lot of cars, Hamlin said. It seemed like the fist couple of cars could clear and we just had a tough time running on the outside. For the most part I was happy about it. The FedEx Chevrolet was a winning car there at the end but we just didn’t have the track position. Hamlin also talked about the impact of the result of the race on the special campaign for his team. FedEx Express Chevrolet was really good and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the Wear Your Heart on Your Helmet campaign for everyone at FedEx this year with the special paint scheme on our helmet. It’s a great way to start off that campaign and the perfect way to keep our season going in the right direction and I’m very happy with our run.

Finishing fourth on the said race is Jeff Gordon on his No. 24 DuPont Impala SS. After the race, he talked about his performance. We’ve got to be proud of that, says the fans favorite. This has been one of our worst tracks. To come out here in the top five just tells you what kind of improvements we’ve made with the DuPont Chevrolet team. We had great track position and we were able to maintain that. That probably helped us out for the most part. At one time I thought we had the car to beat and then we made some adjustments trying to keep up with the changing conditions of the track and just lost it. I’ve got to congratulate Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch. Those guys drove one heck of a race. We’re so proud to have those guys at Hendrick Motorsports. I was trying so hard to get that one-two-three Hendrick finish but just couldn’t pull it off. Denny Hamlin drove a great race as well. Congratulations to Jimmie and all those guys. We’ll just take our top-five and move on from here, says Gordon.

After the tenth race of the season, Chevy looks dominant as the race once again featured that the four top spots were occupied by Chevrolet cars. This shows that these cars are not only good looking as Chevrolet pickup tail light lens but also show the true performance that one should expect from a precision engineered machine. Whether this domination continues for the rest of the Nextel Cup Series, that has yet to be seen though.

Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive.buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.You can also visit Chevrolet pickup tail light lens for more information.

How To Choose Chevy Truck Seat Covers

You are proud of your Chevrolet truck and want to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as you can. Because of this, you should make the decision to buy Chevy truck seat covers. When you place seat covers over your current seats you will have a custom looking vehicle and all the while be protecting your investment and ultimate resale or trade-in value. However, choosing the perfect Chevy truck seat covers is not as easy as you might think and you should consider the following tips before you start shopping.

Size and Fit for Your Truck

The make, model, and year of your truck affects the type of seat you have, so buying Chevy truck seat covers is not as easy as just picking up a one size fits all option, unless you dont mind ill fitting seat covers. You will need to make sure you know the make, model and year of your truck so when you are shopping in stores or online you will be able to see which Chevy truck seat covers will fit your truck and those that want. The reason this information is so important is to ensure that you get a quality seat cover that has a custom fit and appearance. If you buy a seat cover that does not require this type of information, it will most likely take away from the look of the truck rather than add to it.


Also, when you are shopping for custom looking Chevy truck seat covers you need to be sure you also buy covers that are waterproof. Many covers are made with fabrics that have a new waterproof technology while remaining soft and smooth. When you buy waterproof covers you ensure that every inevitable rain storm and spill that gets your covers wet wont affect your real seat upholstery. Be sure they are also easy to remove and wash.

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Team Chevy Introduces New Racing Engine

The motorsport scene in the United States can be said as arguably one of the most competitive in the world. Season after season, racing teams always come up with more and more improvements for their vehicles.

The NASCAR sanctioned races are the most competitive races in the United States and teams are always pursuing victories by improving their vehicles performance. Team Chevy is one of the teams going for the win on every race they participate in.

Recently, the team introduced the Impala SS race car at the NASCAR Nextel Cup. That development is now being followed by the announcement of a new engine that will be used on the Impala SS which comes in the form of the Chevrolet RO7 engine. The engine will make its debut at the Samsung 500 which will be held at the Texas Motor Speedway.

The RO7 is based on General Motors small-block V8 engines. It will be replacing the Small-Block-2nd Generation engine which the team has been using since 1998. The SB2 will be replaced completely by the RO7 eventually. For now, the RO7 is expected to provide better performance for the teams cars.

Mark Kent, the director of GM Racing, outlined their objectives in the development of the new engine and the subsequent reaction after tests conducted on the engine in this statement: The GM Racing engine development team had four key objectives in mind throughout the design and development of the Chevrolet R07 engine. Our goal was to create an engine that produces competitive power, delivers excellent reliability, enhances safety, and reduces costs for Chevrolet teams. Based on the feedback we have received from Chevy teams after extensive dynamometer and track testing, I believe we have achieved our objectives.

The RO7 is the first engine that GM built solely for the purpose of NASCAR racing. According to Pat Suhy, the GM Racing Group Manager for the Oval Track, The Chevrolet R07 is GM Racing’s first purpose-built NASCAR racing engine. NASCAR’s parameters for the new generation of engines provide a range of choices on key dimensions and design features. Our job was to make the critical decisions and carefully balance the tradeoffs that would enable the Chevrolet R07 to continue Chevy’s success in NASCAR. In the long run, the results will show whether we made the right choices.

The major parts for the RO7 engine like the cylinder block, the cylinder head, and the intake manifold came from GM Racing. Other components supplied by GM Racing are the water pump assembly, rocker covers, and front cover. Other components like the Chevy fenders were provided by different manufacturers. Engine components are also supplied by different independent parts manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Jim Covey, the NASCAR engine development manager for GM Racing, has this to say how GM was able to create the newest engine for the Impala SS: New manufacturers coming into NASCAR pushed the envelope with engines that had no links to production powerplants, while GM engines were based on the architecture of the first small-block V. NASCAR Nextel Cup Series director John Darby addressed this issue by developing a list of parameters that define the envelope for all manufacturers, thus giving Chevrolet an opportunity to develop the R07 engine. Now with the introduction of the Chevrolet R07, Chevy teams have an optimized engine design that reflects the advances in racing technology that have been made over the last 50 years.

Major differences between the SB2 and the RO7 include the increased cylinder bore centers in the RO7 which improves coolant flow keeping the engine at its normal operating temperature. Another improvement of the RO7 over the SB2 is the time needed to assemble the engines. The RO7s cast camshaft tunnel, integral piston squirter galleries and overhead oil feed galleries makes it faster to assemble than its predecessor. As far as safety is concerned, the designers of the new engine moved the fuel pump which eliminates external oil and coolant lines.

Katie Jones writes for a local newspaper and her beat involves the latest updates in the automotive industry. She is also working on her book on cars during her spare time. Please visit Chevy fenders for more information.

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