A Used Toyota Prius is your Best Buy

Posted by Sri Sri | Maintenance & Repairs,Toyota | Sunday 30 October 2011 2:36 am

It doesn’t look like the economy or the unemployment numbers are getting better quickly, and just about everyone wants to save a little money. That’s not to be taken to mean that you’ll want to give your principles up. If you want to be green even if you don’t have enough money for a nice brand-new hybrid, how about scraping enough together for a used Toyota Prius?

If you’re in the market for a car, nothing makes more financial sense than it used Toyota Prius. And that is according to Edmunds.

Not only is the Prius one of the cheapest cars to own, it does great with build quality and driver safety as well. The battery pack on the Prius. If you buy a used Prius that’s, say, three years old, they ask themselves, aren’t you virtually guaranteed battery pack replacement expense very soon? A Prius as a battery pack that’s guaranteed eight years.

They don’t say that the life of the battery pack is eight years. So you can be sure that your battery pack will probably last you 10 years. According to Toyota, almost no one comes in asking for battery pack replacement. And better still, if something does go wrong with your battery pack, you can often just replace a small part of it for a couple of hundred dollars.

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