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Nissan Sport Concept Debuts As Parts Train Prepares Its Performance Parts

“The story behind the development of the Sport Concept, AZEAL and Actic is that Nissan is thinking big about the small car segment,” said Jack Collins, vice president, product planning, Nissan North America, Inc. “With these three design explorations, we’re focusing on how we can bring Nissan’s heritage of innovation, sportiness and driving pleasure to a category of vehicles that traditionally lack design excitement and strong visual appeal.” “The Nissan Sport Concept may be small dimensionally but it is large in its dynamic energy – aggressive, highly functional and definitely street-wise,” added Collins.

Sport Concept is a three-door hatchback with a four-seat interior. It offers the look and feel of a sports tuner car, yet is conceived as an affordable, attainable vehicle for buyers entering the new car market for the first time.

The body construction of the Nissan Sport Concept utilizes both metal and carbon-fiber composite components. The 20-inch six-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels feature a machined and lustrous paint-finish surface treatment. The Sport Concepts headlights and rear combination lights utilize small lamps with multi-layered reflectors.

A large rear roof-mounted spoiler, while its bold surface composition, robust fender character lines, deep front spoiler and side sills, and large wheels and tyres, marks its athletic roofline.

The interior of the Sport Concept is designed to fit four adults comfortably and has head restraints and integrated 4-point seat belts. The instrument panel includes integrated tachometer and gauges and a distinctive centre cluster. The Sport Concept interior also offers a three-spoke steering wheel and solid-appearance centre console with the emergency brake lever integrated into the console lid.

“The Nissan Sport Concept is as close to performance art for the street as you can get – modern, cool, ready to run,” said Collins. “When it comes to the next wave of small car design, a SHIFT_ is about to be made. And Nissan is making it.”

No one company is doing design like Nissan today, said Shiro Nakamura senior vice president, design, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and president, Nissan Design America. Nissans bold and thoughtful designs and unique processes were integral to Nissans revival and remain vital to its continued success. This cross-global design expansion is proof of Nissans commitment to design.

As Nissan continues to explore new opportunities to serve the burgeoning Gen-Y market, a group of customers the company covets, Partstrain continues to provide excellent Nissan Aftermarket Parts, Performance Parts and accessories to its avid customers.

Visit its online shop at http:– and choose what is best for any Nissan models like Nissan Maxima, Nissan Murano, Nissan Pathfinder, and Nissan pickup, Nissan Quest, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Stanza, Nissan Titan, Nissan Van, Nissan Xterra, Nissan Altima and many others. You will be treated to quality workmanship, great discounts and top of the line customer service. Online car parts shopping have never been easy with its secured site.

Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.

Toyota Parts Online Features High Quality Parts For Toyota’s Top Models

Toyota Parts Online is a leading auto parts distributor dedicated to OEM-quality Toyota parts for various Toyota models, old and new alike. Looking up to Toyota, the biggest and the leading Japanese automaker and the fourth largest in America, Toyota Parts Online is proud to supply the finest quality and perfect-fit replacement auto parts to wide range of Toyota car users. Like Toyota, this top Toyota Parts Discount store cares for your satisfaction more than anything else and it is committed to continuous improvement to give you only the best service and highest quality automotive parts.

Fervent passion in making top-caliber autos underlies every Toyota vehicle thus, you can expect the best from each Toyota vehicle the most up-to-date technology, the smartest exterior and interior design and the best fuel economy and efficiency. No wonder, each Toyota masterpiece vies successfully in the very competitive auto industry dominated by American and European cars. Various vehicles carrying Toyotas name have made it to the top among them are Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius and Toyota Highlander.

It is with pride that Toyota Parts Online features this time top quality auto parts for these top Toyota models. All Toyota parts featured are made by prominent auto parts manufacturers and are sure to have met the highest industry standards. Like the original Toyota parts, they are designed and engineered to give you long and lasting service and the most efficient performance.

Toyota Corolla parts. Comfort, performance and economythese qualities are perfectly combined in a Toyota Corolla, making it one of the best vehicles ever made and no doubt, the best-selling car in the world. It is loved for its lively acceleration, agile and smooth handling, seamless ride, excellent interior and exterior design and excellent fuel economy.

Through the years, we have been introduced to different versions of Toyota Corolla. This vehicle has been restyled, upgraded and modified many times since its introduction in 1966. If you have old Toyota Corolla, upgrading its performance and keeping it in tune with the latest in the automotive market is not a problem with Toyota Parts Onlines high quality Toyota AC condenser, Toyota window regulator, Toyota headlights, Toyota tail lights and Toyota radiator.

Toyota Camry parts. This car needs no further introduction. The mere look at a Camry can give you an idea what it is and what it can do. Its admiringly sporty stance and sleek sculptured body are highlighted by the its handsome Toyota wheels and dual crease line in the Toyota hood. The Camrys superior comfort, sound insulation, economy and reliability make it the Americas best-selling sedan.

Maintaining a Camry isnt that hard nowadays with the wealth of auto parts available for old and new models alike. Toyota Parts Online is your excellent choice among Toyota Parts Discount stores. It offers replacements designed like those original Toyota Parts Used in a Camry. For older Toyota Camry cars, there are available stylish Toyota grille, tough and durable Toyota bumper cover, crystal clear Toyota headlights and high quality Toyota mirrors.

Toyota Prius parts. Toyota Prius is the worlds first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, the best-selling gas-electric hybrid in the United States and in the world and not to mention, the worlds most environment-friendly car. Its engine is specially designed to significantly reduce harmful fuel emissions and to be more efficient.

For a safer ride with the Toyota Prius, you can check out the stores available Toyota lights , Toyota Prius reinforcement, Toyota Prius fender , Toyota Prius wheels.

Toyota Highlander parts. Another first from Toyota is the Toyota Highlander, the words first seven-passenger hybrid Sport Utility Vehicle. This vehicle features a unique Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain that is designed to meet the vehicles load-carrying requirements. Its battery is said to hold more power than that of a Toyota Prius can and its motor operates at a higher speed, giving you more exciting and powerful ride.

Driving the Toyota Highlander off-road can be more exciting if its well-equipped with performance parts and high quality auto accessories. Check out Toyota Parts Onlines Toyota AC condenser, Toyota radiator, Toyota bumper, Toyota headlights, Toyota grill, Toyota wheels, Toyota lights and Toyota door handle for the Toyota Highlander.

All these and more are available at Toyota Parts Online. They come at very affordable deals that make them you perfect choice. Explore the stores well designed site and enjoy easy, convenient, fast and secure online shopping.

Mark Clarkson is a 35 year old marketing consultant for a leading auto parts store. This native of Denver is also an offroad enthusiast.

Restyling Dodge Omni Using Quality Replacement Parts From Auto Parts Deal

Dodge Omni is Dodges lucky charm. It was introduced at a time when Chrysler, Dodges parent company, was facing great financial difficulties. In its efforts to save the company from its demise, Chrysler sought for the US governments financial help. The Dodge Omni and its twin model, the Plymouth Horizon, which were new that time showed great potential thus, the government granted Chryslers loan.

The Dodge Omni was indeed a great vehicle. Its hatchback body style signified its utility and versatility. Just after it was launched, it was awarded as Motor Trends Car of the Year for 1978. With fame though, came some controversies. A magazine, which drive tested it, said its unsafe and hard to maneuver. Luckily, the damage was alleviated by other auto magazines that commented the driving conditions in the said test drive were far from real driving conditions. Dodge Omni, eventually was out of controversies and continued to generate good sales all the way through 1990 its last year of production.

Exterior Upgrade

Old doesnt mean old-looking. Yes, you may consider a Dodge Omni old for its age but it doesnt mean it must retire now in your old dusty garage. You can freshen up its looks and make it still fun to drive even if its already old. Auto Parts Deal has a great variety of stylish and high quality exterior auto parts for the Dodge Omni including Dodge tailgates, Dodge fog lights, Dodge grill, chrome or silver Dodge grille guard and Dodge headlights.

Aside from enhancing the way your car looks, auto lights and the mirrors are important to your safety so adding them to your car can reduce risks of meeting accidents. Some of these auto parts did not come to your auto as standard equipments so you need to get them from trusted Dodge auto parts dealer like Auto Parts Deal.

Interior Upgrade

The cars interior becomes your temporary home while you are on a long trip or even just a short drive. Keeping it clean and comfortable is a must so you can always have an enjoyable ride. Among the things that you often neglect in upgrading your car are the carpets and the floor mats. These car accessories are very important too as they protect the floor panel from getting stained, scratched or wet. They also prevent corrosion or formation of rust as well.

Keeping your old Dodge Omni or any old vehicle clean and looking good does not only reduce stress level while driving but it can also increase your cars resale value. Furthermore, continuously upgrading your exterior and interior Dodge Omni parts can help you prolong the life of your car while you save from future repair expenses.

As a manager of one of the largest auto store in Springfield,Massachussets, Sarah has extensive expertise on auto parts and automotives in general. This 42 year old is a certified car enthusiast.

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