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Ford Beats Chevy As 2006 Best Selling Brand

Plant closures, waning sales, striking losses and job cuts these and more miseries challenged Ford in the previous years. The miseries seem unending and Ford finds it hard to cope with the challenges. However, one thing that the automaker should be thankful about is the fact that it was named the 2006 Best-selling Brand, a title snatched back from Chevy.

Ford managed to generate enough sales volume in 2006 to get back the much-coveted auto title. Last year, GMs Chevy brand got the title by selling 2,415,059 Chevys and 2,396,532 to Chevrolets. GM, like Ford, also reported 13 percent sales decline in December. For the entire year, Ford suffered an 8.7 percent drop in sales.

However, Ford F-Series parts seem to have retained its victorious stigma. The bread and butter pickup truck of the automaker has won the popularity contest among light trucks. On the one hand, Toyota bagged retained its title among cars. The overwhelming demand for Toyota light trucks boosts the automaker’s sales in the United States. Toyota claims that its 2006 sales were up by about 13 percent. Compared to its 2005 sales, Ford’s 2006 sales were down by 8 percent. Further, its truck sales is down by 14 percent. This has dragged Ford’s performance downwards.

The lackluster plight of Ford has led to the cessation of Taurus and Freestar production. The use of car parts Ford Taurus created a milestone design. Unfortunately, Ford decided to halt production of the mentioned sedan and minivan to focus on Edge and Lincoln MKX. “We suspended production in early November so we could zero in on our production of the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX,” said Anne Marie Gattari,

Freestar, like Taurus, had become largely a vehicle for rental fleets. Also, Ford’s minivan sales drop from more than 250,000 units in 2000 to less than 86,000 in 2005. According to Autodata,, Freestar sales dropped by 35 percent through November. Ford intends to resume building minivan early this year. “We’re giving our customers what they want,” Gattari added.

Ford is expected to cut North American production by 14 percent in the first quarter of 2007. George Pipas, Ford’s sales analyst, said it wasn’t clear whether the Freestar’s elimination would increase that figure. Pipas added, “It’s just too early to tell at this point.”

Jay Stevens works as a consultant for an established auto parts store in the country. He has expertise in automotive technology and has extensive knowledge on the auto parts industry. You can visit Ford F-Series parts and car parts Ford Taurus for more information.

Baltimore Chevrolet Dealer Has Your New Chevy!

Americans think of the Chevrolet as the American car. This comes from the ad campaign in the 1960’s touting the Chevy as the car to “See the USA in.” Across generations, this thought holds true. That is why people will want to keep up with the latest and best offers available today on Chevrolets. Your Baltimore Chevy dealer is just the place to find out.

You can locate a Chevrolet dealer in any part of Baltimore, and selecting a dealer from this large network will guarantee you receive Chevy’s superior service and performance. Baltimore Chevrolet dealers are presently offering numerous genuine bargains on new and used autos and trucks.

Cars that fall into the category of “pre-auction” can be the source of genuine bargains. Pre-auction cars were normally accepted in trade and might be other brands which provide additional options to buyers who are seeking a real deal, and who are sometimes on a strict budget. Be sure to ask about warranties on these autos, as they are frequently sold “as is.”

If it’s May, June, or July, you’ll want to ask your Baltimore Chevrolet salesperson about good deals on cars from last year, or even this year’s models. Since new car designs will be coming out in just a few weeks, many people will wait for the upgraded versions, so you might be able to get a great deal on a current model, or one that’s about to be taken off the market.

Used cars that have been thoroughly checked out and certified by Chevrolet mechanics can also be a good choice. The dealer generally offers a good warranty with such a car. The better trade-ins that Chevrolet dealers get are generally sold like this. Also, you should ask about when companies trade in their fleet vehicles, because this can get you a great deal.

It makes sense to buy locally from a dealer who knows the special needs and requirements of your community, weather and terrain. Your Baltimore Chevrolet dealer certainly will know the area and will want to keep you as a loyal and returning customer. Happy buyers not only come back when they are ready to buy again, they also recommend good dealers to friends and family. It makes sense for them to want to satisfy you and every customer for your repeat business as well as your good recommendations to others, so why not visit your friendly Chevy dealer today?

In the 1960s, there was a great slogan on TV: “See the USA in your Chevrolet!” Associated with wide-open spaces and adventurous car trips, the Chevy has often been viewed as an all-American vehicle. You can find a Baltimore Chevrolet Dealer no matter what part of town you live in and can expect Chevy’s fine reputation for service and performance. Cars that fall into the category of “pre-auction” can be the source of genuine bargains. Used cars that have been thoroughly checked out and certified by Chevrolet mechanics can also be a good choice. The dealer generally offers a good warranty with such a car.

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