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A Review of Rolls Royce, the Prestige Automobile Company

Rolls Royce limited is a British motor vehicle company which has been a prominent part of class and luxury. The company is known for its plusher cars and the price which it quotes. Whenever the car comes up in the market it takes a lot of hype and limelight and it is down to the history it possess. The company was founded by Charles Stewart Rolls and Henry Royce. Their partnership was formed in the year 1904. So, it is almost a century which is elusive. The elusiveness has become a major booster of Rolls Royce cars. The company also got nationalized in 1971 and in 1987 it again got privatized as Rolls-Royce plc. There have been many cars in the segment but Rolls Royce displays luxury and speed which is a demonic combination. This has made Rolls Royce an exclusive brand as most of the people can afford one.

Rolls Royce have also tired their hands on aircraft and produced a single series in 1950s. It is known for the introduction of aero engines which astounded the entire motor vehicle fraternity. Rolls Royce phantom is one of the best models the company has ever produced. The phantom was first produced in the 1920s and till date every variant from the series has proved to be a benchmark of the luxurious history of Rolls Royce. Till date phantom rules the road and the features really make it a phantom. The style, dimension, technology, and mechanics everything makes it worth every penny. Every Rolls Royce car’s cost is in millions and as said earlier it is literally exclusive and only celebrated people get s the chance to have a feel of it. Rolls Royce is truly a prestigious company and its heritage is totally marvelous. No one deny that.

Rolls Royce is also responsible for the emergence of Bentley   Models. These Models are really exquisite and is going at par with the Rolls Royce series. Bentley has established another echelon for the company which redefines the traits of Rolls Royce. Both Bentley and Phantom are recognized as jewels of motor industry. The look and the edgy textures make it look expensive. And if you have the pocket to get your hands on such beauty then you have to preorder the Bentley. Bentley too is old. It started off in the 30s and shows the blood of Rolls Royce. One can say it the royal family of cars which rules every road.

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