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Regenerative Braking System

Auto Parts Information You Need To Know Before You Get Any Car Parts

When you own a car you know that there will be some point that you will have to have auto parts for it. When your car breaks down or you need to tune it up, you will have to have car parts to fix it or to keep it in good shape. This is just something that everyone has to deal with if you are going to drive.

Now before you get any auto parts you want to make sure you know what to get. The best thing you can do is to take your car to someone that knows a lot about them. They will be able to tell you what is wrong with it and what auto parts you need to fix it. If you know about cars then you can easily figure out what the problem is and then get the car parts you need to fix it.

One thing that you want to remember no matter who fixes it is that auto parts don’t come cheap. Most of the parts you will need will cost you a little bit of money to a lot of money. It just depends on what needs to be fixed. When you have auto warranty on your car the major repairs and parts will be covered so it won’t cost you much of anything.

You always want to make sure you get a professional to look at your car before you buy any auto parts for it. Now when you need to get car parts there are a couple of different places that you can find what you need.

One: You can go to a local auto parts store to get what you need. There are usually many different stores that you can go to when you need car parts.

Two: You can also go online to find the auto parts that you need. There are many auto stores that are putting websites up online. This allows them to make more money and you to get the parts that you need.

Just don’t let anyone talk you into anything that you don’t need. If you are unsure about anything than it is always a good idea to find someone who knows about auto parts to help you choose what you need. If you can you want to get the help of someone who knows you so that you don’t spend any extra money on car parts you don’t need.

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Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle With Ford Automotive Replacement Parts At Parts Train

The Focus FCV is one of the industry’s first hybridized fuel cell vehicles combining the improved range and performance of hybrid technology with the overall benefits of a fuel cell.

Using a fuel cell powertrain supplied by Ballard Power Systems, the world leader in proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology, the FCV is hybridized with the addition of a nickel metalhydride battery pack and a brake-by-wire electro-hydraulic series regenerative braking system. The fuel cell engine converts chemical energy into electric energy using hydrogen fuel and oxygen from air. The electric energy then powers the vehicle’s electric drive motor, producing only water vapor and heat as by-products.

Just like Honda’s Insight and Civic hybrids, the new battery ‘assists’ the main powerplant by adding extra power when accelerating or climbing hills, and is charged by regenerative braking system when braking or decelerating. Of course, the Civic and Insight use a small gasoline internal combustion engine instead of a fuel cell, but the principle is the same.

This Focus FCV is the most sophisticated environmental vehicle Ford has developed, said Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, Ford Motor Company vice president, Research and Advanced Engineering. As such, is a critical success in our long-term strategy to move toward high volume production of hydrogen powered cars and trucks.

The Focus FCV has onboard sensors, which constantly monitor the fuel cell stack, trunk and the passenger compartment. If trace amounts of hydrogen are detected, the system will warn the driver. If a slightly higher level is detected, the system will transition to a limited operating strategy and then begin shutting down vehicle operations.

Its new battery pack, regenerative braking system and improved hydrogen gas storage tank help increase the driving range of the four-passenger Focus FCV to between 250 km and 320 km – about 30% better than the previous version,

The new Hydrogen Storage Tank Technology in the Focus FCV stores four kilograms of hydrogen, which is equivalent to four gallons of gasoline. It also features an in-tank pressure regulator, which lowers the pressure so the gas leaves the tank at approximately 150 psi to work its way through the fuel cell.

Ford is working closely within the industry and with fuel providers to help develop government codes and standards for a hydrogen-fuelling infrastructure and to help improve the commercial viability of fuel cell technology by bringing all stakeholders together in an effort to eliminate barriers to mass production and implementation.

“The launch of this Ford fuel cell demonstration fleet, together with the previously announced DaimlerChrysler deployments of cars, vans, and buses powered with Ballard fuel cells clearly demonstrates the strength and leadership of our fuel cell alliance,” said Dennis Campbell, president and Chief Executive Officer, Ballard. “This unique collaboration between Ford, DaimlerChrysler and Ballard Power Systems is fielding the most extensive fuel cell vehicle demonstration ever undertaken.

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