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Chevy Nerf Bars

Looking to customize your truck? Chevy Nerf bars are the way to go. I just bought a 2007 Chevy Silverado and I was looking for a way to keep that ruff rugged look and still keep it stylish, yet original. After a lot of thinking I found that Nerf bars were the things I’ve been looking for.

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with Nerf bars, don’t be embarrassed I used to be one. Nerf bars are the stainless steel or chrome bars mounted on the side of a vehicle, to act as a step in or out. Nerf bars can also help prevent damage to your vehicles body as well as interior, being the outdoorsy person that I am protecting the body of my vehicle, was an eye catcher. Whenever we go out 4x4ing I’m always worried about scratching my truck with all the big rocks during those tight turns. But my Nerf bars saved the body of my Silverado and kept it looking new.

Nerf bars are also known as step bars, side tubes and running boards, not to be confused they all do the same job. Nerf Bars mount easily in minutes with no drilling of any kind to a minimal amount of drilling. Nerf bars are strong, sturdy and easy to maintain. Nerf bars can also protect the side of your vehicle from those swinging doors. With Nerf bars there is no need to park miles away from other vehicles to avoid unwanted dents and dings.

With Nerf bars you’re protected. Nerf bars can also protect the inside of your vehicle from unwanted dirt and grim. This is basically the one that sold me. I have two young boys who are always stomping in the mud, with my new Nerf bars a dirty carpet is the least of my problems. All they have to do is step up on to the Nerf bars at ease and gently dust off their feet.,

I searched everywhere for those perfect Chevy Nerf bars, till I came across a great site where I had questions no more. I found useful information and many options to choose from, to fit my style. Now my Chevy Silverado not only new and original, it’s customized just for me. So when you decide to update your Chevy check out http:– and see what they can do for you.

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Old Chevy Trucks

You’ve Got to Love the Old Chevy Trucks

Love is indeed the correct terminology when you begin talking about old Chevy trucks and their owners. Fierce brand loyalty follows this breed of truck everywhere it goes. As well it should, Chevrolet have been making trucks since the early thirties.

A new phenomenon is being seen across the antique world, it appears that restoration of the old Chevy truck, and in particular, the 67-72 periods are beginning to be a popular past time. Higher and higher numbers of these models are showing up across the nation all decked out and ready to strut their stuff.

A brief history:

1967 In 67, the Chevy was already a popular vehicle for years it had been Americas work truck. In this era, the executives decided it was time for a face-lift and so gave the truck a great modern look. It was this look that would really carry the brand for the next six years.

Along with the new modern, look Chevy would also go to great lengths to make the ride and handling more comfortable. I think the idea was to broaden the demographic to include a woman’s interest, as women were becoming prominent in consumer economics. Whatever their reasons though the changes were much appreciated by everyone. Coil springs instead of leaf would increase handling though it was only standard on a few models.


Happy birthday Chevrolet, in 1968 they celebrated 50 years of truck making. This was also the year of the Longhorn this -ton hoss

of a truck could hold an eight and a half foot long slide in camper! I do not know about you but this was one package I had never heard of. See the things you can learn with a little research? I wonder what an all-original 1968 Longhorn truck would be worth today? Little body changes were made this year with the exception of a few trim parts.

Want to learn more about old Chevy trucks? Are you wondering what else you may not know about the trucks you love? “A Collectors Guide To Old Chevy Trucks” is a great source for information, like the difference between a Cheyenne and a Sierra or what year saw the birth of the K-5 Blazer. All these are important details should you see an old Chevy Truck for sale. Know about your old Chevy trucks! knowing when the engine is not original, and when the bolt hole pattern changed on light duty trucks will be an asset when making your investment. You will be glad you did!

I have been collecting and restoring old trucks, and cars for over 10 years. More information on other old trucks, my old trucks for sale blog includes lots of information, guides, tips, as well as a great resource for finding parts for your restoration project.

If you are interested in learning more about the old Chevy trucks, I suggest you read A Collectors Guide to Old Chevy Trucks. This guide covers old Chevy trucks in more detail, as well there are valuable resources for locating and valuating old trucks, and old Chevy truck parts.

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