Kia earns What Car? magazine’s ‘Ultra-low Carbon Award’

Posted by C Drotsky C Drotsky | Autos,Kia,Technology | Thursday 16 February 2012 4:40 pm

Kia has scooped What Car? magazine’s ‘Ultra-low Carbon Award’ at their 35th annual ‘Car of the Year’ awards ceremony held in London on 11 January. The popular UK monthly automobile magazine and website handed out a total of 17 awards covering numerous automotive categories. Kia was honored for its dramatic progress in launching cars with the
lowest average C02 emissions over the last 12 months. Editor in Chief, Chas Hallett, commented, “Kia’s engineers have managed to achieve these figures without resorting to expensive hybrid technology. Hallett’s comment and What Car?’s award recognition are further validation of Kia’s EcoDynamics sub-brand that is applied to the most eco-friendly cars within each Kia model range as innovative fuel-stretching and emissions-cutting technologies are progressively introduced. Visit Kia Tableview for more on Kia cars.

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The Styling And Design Of The All New Picanto Is Also All Grown Up

Posted by C Drotsky C Drotsky | Autos,Cars,Kia,Other – Cars & Transportation | Tuesday 26 July 2011 6:49 pm

The all-new Kia Picanto, which made its global premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, has been redesigned and re-engineered with stand-out styling that conveys a sense of solidity and maturity. Longer than the previous model, and with an extended wheelbase, the new Picanto promises more passenger comfort and increased cargo space. It is set to completely redefine its position as one of the most competitive vehicles in the A-segment.

Over the last three years the Kia product family has undergone a complete design metamorphosis. This design strategy has redefined Kia as a manufacturer of trendsetting cars with global appeal.

The five-door Picanto hatchback is the newest member to join this exciting and design driven Kia family. Kia has taken a courageous new step with the latest version of its smallest model. The character of the car has been transformed from ‘cute’ and ‘friendly’ into mature and handsome, designed to turn heads while prowling on the streets, thanks to its good looking proportions and dynamic design language. Picanto in its newest form exudes a bold self confidence and maturity which is unique in the A-segment.

Looking at the stance of the new Picanto, for instance, there is a greater sense of stability and strength which is emphasized by the muscular wheel arches and low wide rocker panel. The complete brochure on the Kia Picanto is available on the Kia Menlyn website.

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Security systems in cars

Posted by C Drotsky C Drotsky | Autos,Cars,Kia | Friday 10 June 2011 4:54 pm

Most car safety systems will not stop a well equipped car thief. The researchers from Switzerland took several stylish cars from several manufacturers and found that a technologically minded thief can easily break into a car with a computer system.

Well known brand vehicles were the first fashionable cars with keyless entry and start systems. Nowadays many regular medium-sized cars make use of the keyless entry and start systems. This system requires a device with a radio chip instead of a key. With this device in your pocket, the car will sense the radio waves from the chip as you get closer to the car. The car reads the data which is transmitted from the electronic tag in the device and not only opens the door, but also starts the car for you. Ladies don’t need to search through handbag, nor do you need two pairs of hands to hold onto goods, clutch a briefcase and try and open a door at the same time.

This amazing system is not just convenient, but this advanced system makes your car also more accessible to the car thief. All the thief needs are a couple of antennas which is readily available on the market. Equipped with an antenna and the requisite audacity it will be no challenge to the thief opening the car door and starting the car.

The tool used to open the door and start the car emits radio waves to control a car’s safety system. The signal is actually very weak and therefore only works when a driver is very close to the car. When a thief picks out your car, he will follow the car around for a while. The thief waits for the driver to park the car and leave it. Then he takes out the antenna and shadows the driver. This is done because he wants his device to catch the radio waves sent out by the keyless entry device. His device amplifies the signal and sends it out to the driver’s car. The car will catch the amplified signal and open the door. This can be done even if the driver with the original device is quite far from the car. Al he needs is another criminal with another relay antenna halfway between himself and the car. The sly thief who tried this out the first time had nothing to lose and his experiment paid off Maybe it was discovered just as accidentally as thieves discovered how to open bicycle locks by jamming a ball pen into the Kryptonite bicycle lock.

Car owners will have to find new ways to protect their cars and themselves. It takes a trial period to point out flaws in a new product. Thus car owners will have to wait for manufacturers to improve the systems in cars, if they want to buy cars with keyless systems. Only if the system has been used for a period and has been found fool proof will it be safe to buy a car with such a system. Looking for a new car – visit Kia Menlyn.

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