Hitachi Cordless Jigsaw A Great Addition To Your Tool Collection

Posted by Power Tools Bob | Automotive Tools | Wednesday 14 March 2012 7:51 am

You should consider investing in a Hitachi cordless jigsaw if you are planning to own a tool that can help you in accomplishing the most original woodworking projects. Just make sure that you determine your specific woodworking needs so you will know which among the cordless jigsaw models from Hitachi can work to your greatest advantage.
A Hitachi jigsaw is a good choice because this allows you to obtain a powerful and portable cordless tool at a reasonable price. This is perfect for you if you have a smaller budget since its kit, which is composed of a battery, charger, carrying case, the jigsaw, itself and any other essential part is only priced at around $340. This is already a reasonable price considering the many items that are included in the kit.

If you choose to buy a Hitachi cordless jigsaw that uses a lithium-ion technology, then you can expect to experience real satisfaction from using the tool. It has a reliable source of power that is capable of extending its run-time and comes from a light weight package. This specific type of jigsaw also comes with a 4-mode orbital action that allows you to efficiently and accurately cut different materials. The tool is also light in weight, weighing only 5.5 pounds, and this is a major help in your attempt to simply and smoothly operate it. The ergonomic D-handle installed in the tool also allows you to easily manage it once you start to perform woodworking tasks.

Another reason why the Hitachi cordless jigsaw is said to be a good addition to your power tool collection is that it has an integrated LED light. This illuminates the material that you are cutting to ensure that you are able to accurately make brighter cut-lines. The LED light is also a huge help especially if you are working in a narrow surface. Because the jigsaw is cordless, you will also enjoy its portability. You can easily carry the jigsaw around, thereby allowing you to effortlessly complete all your woodworking tasks. The jigsaw is also versatile in nature. This means that you can easily use it regardless of the kind of material that you are planning to cut. The good thing about buying the cordless jigsaw from Hitachi is that you can also enjoy its ten-year warranty.

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