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OEM Quality Ford Focus Parts Available At Top American Ford Parts Dealer

It begs to be driven, says Ford.

Beyond doubt, this car is very inviting. It appeals to a lot of buyers not only because of its modern styling and excellent driving abilities but most especially, its reasonable price.

Now on its sixth year, Ford Focus remains to be a strong contender in the economy car class in America and in United Kingdom. Since its debut in 1998 , Ford Focus has garnered over 60 awards, including 13 Car of the Year awards, both in Northern American and in Europe. It was also included in Car and Driver magazines Ten Best List from 2000 through 2004 and recognized as the worlds best-selling car in 2001 and in 2002.

The Ford Focus was substantially upgraded in 2005 so there are only few changes to the 2006 Ford Focus model. The 2005 Ford Focus came with restyled Ford hood, larger Ford grille, reshaped Ford front fenders integrated with the Ford headlights. These new Ford parts were maintained for the 2006 model however, Ford offers this time a new Street Appearance Package for Ford Focus ZX3, Ford Focus ZX4, and Ford Focus ZX5, laden with safety and convenience features.

Ford Focus Street Appearance Package came with different front and rear fascias, adding new Ford lights lower Ford air deflector, Ford spoiler and rear Ford Front bumper and chrome exhaust tip. The S and SE trim levels got optional alloy Ford wheels. All these additional features gave the new Ford Focus a racing car look.

Continuing success of the Ford Focus only reaffirms Fords renowned excellence in creating vehicles of extraordinary performance, interior and exterior auto parts. Also it further proves Fords high standards on quality automobiles and its commitment to the customers ultimate satisfaction.

Because of this, manufacturers and dealers of aftermarket and replacement Ford parts like the countrys top quality Ford auto parts supplier, Ford Parts Online, feel the need to continuously raise their quality standards as well in order to meet higher demands of Ford car users and match the latest from Ford.

At one time or another, you would need to replace some auto parts in your Ford Focus or any other Ford vehicle, whether its simply for maintenance, for repair, for car enhancement or customization. No matter how well built and how well designed your Ford is, it is still subject to some car problems and of course, you can make it better.

Replacing your OEM Ford auto parts has never been easier than it is today. There are thousands of aftermarket auto parts dealers all over the country and even online. You can have access to virtually all of them in just a click on a mouse, making it more convenient on your part. However, you still have to choose what is best for you. Even if many offer rock bottom Ford Parts Discount deals, you are not guaranteed to get the best for your Ford.

Choosing a trusted and experienced auto parts dealer like Ford Parts Online can save you from worries. This auto parts dealer offers a great variety of Ford replacement and aftermarket parts including the finest line of Ford Explorer parts, Ford Mustang parts Ford F-150 Pickup parts and Ford Escape parts. Sourced from well recognized Ford parts manufacturers, you can be sure that these parts meet the industrys highest standards for car parts. Priced like Ford Parts Used, its Ford Parts Discount are the perfect answer to your high quality and inexpensive Ford replacement part needs.

Jay Stevens works as a consultant for an established auto parts store in the country. He has expertise in automotive technology and has inside knowledge on the auto parts industry.

If You Need Quality Affordable Auto Parts You Want To Consider Recycled Parts

Are you one of those people who love to tinkers with machines and bring them back to life? Working with machines is really very challenging and it can also be costly, especially when you need to replace some parts of the car you are working on. However, you really do not need to spend a fortune on brand new parts, you can always recycle car parts and save a lot on cost without compromising quality.

It is not difficult to find good used auto parts. There are hundreds of shops all over the country that are selling used them. The good news about these stores that specializes in used car parts is that you can always find good bargains in these places. Now, don’t even start thinking that they are selling their goods at cheap prices because they are not of good quality. These stores are carrying good quality merchandise. The reason why their prices are rather low is because these goods are salvaged goods, which the recyclers bought at a very low price. Note that many insurance companies drop off wrecked cars at the recycling yards and that also saves them a lot of money.

Other good news about using recycled parts is that you help reduce pollution since manufacturers now produce a lesser quantity of spare parts that would eventually need to be thrown away somewhere in the near future. Using recycled car parts would help prolong the life span of our landfills and save the government and the taxpayers a lot of money on garbage disposal. Besides, manufacturing car parts really involves the use of lots of oil that could harm the environment, not to mention the possible health problems that would result from exposure to pollution and contamination. If you used recycled spare parts you will be doing your share in saving the planet. At present, there are about 4 million automobiles being recycled annually in North America. This means that more and more people are using recycled parts all over the country.

Buying recycled car parts would allow you to use parts from the original manufacturers of the car. How can you be sure that the spare parts you are buying is still working and in good condition? A good recycler knows his stuff. He knows the difference between the things that can still be used and those which should go to the landfill. Most recyclers even give warrantees on the spare parts that they are selling so that you can always return the things that you think are not working as they should. Besides, you can always inspect the spare parts yourself and ask questions before you buy it. Using recycled spare parts will really save you and your client a lot of money.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a performance car parts at

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