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The Chevrolet brand is an enduring success in the American automobile industry. Founded by Louis Chevrolet and Wiliam Durant in 1911, Chevrolet continues to roll out vehicles known for their aggressive styling, power and reliability – all sporting Chevrolet’s world famous ‘bow-tie’ logo. Chevrolet is General Motor’s most popular and top-selling marque, currently offering 19 vehicles in its line including the Corvette, Impala, and Silverado. Chevrolet has invented many features that are now standards in car manufacturing such as articulated brakes and independent front suspension.

The Chevrolet story is one of opposing visions. Louis Chevrolet wanted to produce luxury vehicles while William Durant pushed for more affordable models like Ford’s runaway bestseller, the Model T. Louis prevailed and in 1912 the company introduced its first car to the public, the Classic Six – a roomy, five passenger sedan with a top speed of 65 miles per hour. But in 1915, while Louis was on vacation, William altered the production and introduced the Chevrolet “490” to challenge the Model T. This caused a falling out with Louis, who then left the company. Chevrolet was merged with General Motors in 1918, the same year it sold its first truck, the Model 490 Light Delivery. It has since then diversified its offerings from SUVs to subcompacts – a legacy from Durant who pioneered the system of a multi-brand car company.

Chevrolet’s focus is the adoption of environment-friendly technology, in line with American automakers’ commitment to make one-half of the vehicles produced flexible fuel of bio-diesel capable by 2012. Versions of the 2007 Chevy Impala and the 2007 Chevy Avalance will use flexifuel or E85 ethanol, a renewable fuel made from corn which is a blend of 85 ethanol and 15 percent diesel. E85 ethanol reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and lessens the need for petroleum. It has a higher octane rating than gasoline which means better vehicle performance, the 2006 Chevy Silverado Hybrid Pickup Truck has a hybrid engine. Hybrid vehicles use a combination of electriciy stored in a battery and a combustion engine powered by diesel.

There are currently different strategies for hybrid cars. In Chevrolets, as with most GM hybrid cars, the battery part is charged when the car is moving and when the vehicle stops , it switches to electric power from the battery. The long term plan is to do away with fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline altogether. In September 2006, Chevrolet announced the arrival of Sequel, its first petroleum-free vehicle that runs purely on hydrogen derived from water. This means that the car does not have a combustion engine and instead of mechanical controls, it uses electric signals to perform conventional tasks such as steering, accelerating, and braking.

Expect Chevy parts to evolve as the world looks for cleaner and sustainable fuel sources. Soon, the Chevy engine parts may become the Chevy fuel cell parts and the Chevy fuel tank may morph into the Chevy water tank. Whatever the future brings, purchase only genuine Chevy parts as replacement to get the most out of your Chevrolet.

Charlotte is an HR staff at a call-center company who’s fond of hunting up infos on the hotrods and grease machines of the 1950s. You can visit Chevy parts for more information.

Chevy Van Parts Five Reasons To Buy Online

When you’re ready to replace your worn and tattered Chevy Van parts so you can keep the heartbeat of America running great, you might want to consider buying them online. There are many different benefits to ordering your Chevrolet parts online and in this article we will discuss 5 different reasons to do just that.

Free Shipping –

With most online auto parts companies, you’re able to obtain free shipping once you’ve reached orders over a certain amount. Many people are nervous to purchase their Chevy van parts online because they are afraid to see the shipping and handling bill, but now it’s easier than ever to have those parts sent right to your door for an incredible price.

Unique Parts –

When you shop online for Chevy van parts, you’re able to find unique parts that your local auto shops don’t usually carry. By doing an easy search through your online auto parts store, you can find exactly the kind of car parts you need and receive them quickly.

No Waiting No Lines –

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online for the car parts you need is that you don’t have to stand in lines and waste part of your day searching for the stuff you need. You can shop from your cozy computer chair and have the time to really think about what Chevy van parts you need and which ones you don’t. You’re able to purchase exactly what you need without standing in checkout lines or walking around an auto parts store for hours!

Easy Returns –

Another advantage of shopping online, aside from the convenience, is the fact that you can easily return your parts if you find that they are not the ones you needed. Perhaps you accidentally ordered the wrong Chevy van parts or realized that they are not the parts your van needed. With most online auto parts stores, you can easily return your purchased parts and get the ones you really need.

Quickly Find Your Parts –

You can select the Chevy van parts you need easily with category search. Find the brand you’re shopping for, the part or even select it by the make and model of your vehicle. Shopping online has never been easier and you can rest assured that most auto parts stores online feature encrypted checkouts so your credit card numbers and personal information is perfectly safe!

If you’ve been wary to shop online in the past, you no longer have to feel that way. In fact, shopping online for Chevy van parts is so easy that many people will never shop for car parts in any other way again. Now that you know how great it is to shop online, you can get that vehicle going and in great shape!

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Chevy Silverado Hybrid Pickup 2005 Revs It Up In Performance Parts At Partstrain

Vehicles with bigger, less fuel-efficient engines will benefit more from hybrid technology, thus big pickup trucks, vans and SUVs are prime candidates for the gas-saving benefits of hybrid technology. The Chevy Silverado hybrid pickup feature GM’s 5300 Vortec V-8 and Hydra-Matic 4L60-E four-speed automatic transmission, coupled with hybrid technology that delivers 10 to 12 percent improved fuel economy over GM half-ton pickups.

It features a powerful 42-volt lead-acid battery pack underneath the rear seat, an auxiliary starter-generator between the engine and the transmission, an electronic control module, and a regenerative braking system, which charges the battery while braking, and coasting.

With an auxiliary generator capability, the truck’s generator can operate when the truck is parked without a key in the ignition. The hybrid Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups could power tools or appliances for up to 32 hours non-stop. This design shuts the engine down before the tank is emptied, leaving enough gas to drive to a station for refueling. All power supply circuits are protected by a ground fault detection system to prevent overloads and short circuits.

A compact electric motor that generates up to 14,000 watts of continuous electric power makes these pickup trucks more fuel-efficient. The main function of the three deep-cycle lead acid batteries is to assist the starter generator to instantly restart the engine. When the Silverado Hybrid comes to a stop while in Drive or Park, the engine will automatically shut off. When the driver takes his-her foot off the brake and puts it on the accelerator, the engine re-starts automatically and almost seamlessly.

One feature of GM’s Hybrid pickups that is likely to attract buyers is its two 120 volt power outlets inside the box near the tailgate, and another two 120 volt outlets inside the rear cab. These can be used for power tools, compressors, generators, heaters, appliances or any other electrical appliance. The outlets can be deactivated with a button on the dashboard to avoid any unauthorized use of the external 120 volts outlets.

The Silverado Hybrid extended cab is a comfortable, smooth-riding pickup with a quiet, V8 engine, a roomy cab with good ventilation and excellent outward visibility, and a rugged durable chassis.

GM’s new gas-electric pickup truck, the Chevy Silverado Hybrid pickup, is the latest vehicle to take advantage of the gas-saving benefits of hybrid technology. At Partstrain, thousands of GMC Parts are in stock right at your fingertips. Just browse on http:– and you can now search for your own GMC car parts, order them, and have it delivered directly to your door at half the cost other competitors charge. If your search for your GMC auto parts comes up short, just call one of its sales professionals to help assist you in finding the right car parts you need. Its GMC car parts online catalog is the largest state of the art catalog to use for looking up GMC auto parts.

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