Basic Auto Insurance Functions

Posted by John James | Law & Ethics | Sunday 11 March 2012 2:19 pm

Most people know and understand they need insurance coverage for their vehicle. They understand that it is a legal requirement to run on the state highways of the nation. They also understand those basic auto insurance functions provide a pay-out should the worst happen. That’s all very fine and what a great world it would be if we all had to have just one simple insurance policy for both the vehicle and people.

But the world is just not like that. Some people just do not bother paying anything. Words simply fail me here. Accidents do happen. People sometimes get hurt and worse. Vehicle do get damaged and need repair in the shop. Others simply take what’s not theirs. Be that items in the vehicle or the vehicle itself.

The authorities do what they can but they know some drivers have no insurance or have had too much to drink. You can help yourself by taking out insurance products to protect yourself, your property and other road users.

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