Can you put two cars on two different insurance companies?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Cars | Sunday 30 November 2008 7:55 pm

If i have two cars, can i put one on Geico and one on state farm. I’m having very bad experience with State farm and i’m thinking of switching with one car at at time. Is it possible to have the two cars in my household on two different insurance company eventhough both cars are in my name?

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Caliper Bolts for 2001 Cavalier?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Automotive Tools | Sunday 30 November 2008 7:14 pm

Dr. E. Bunny A.K.A. Andy.
I’ve recently moved and lost allot of my automotive tools. I need to get a new bit for changing my brakes. Does anyone know what size for a 2001 Chev Cavalier? I remember it was some strange one I’ve never seen before. Usually, it’s 3/8th or ten mm but it wasn’t in this case?


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Confessions of a Car Rental Marketer

Posted by Lexus Fast | Cars | Sunday 30 November 2008 6:28 pm

I get paid to sell self-drive holidays to Australians, to encourage them to take to the open roads and explore new territory behind the wheel of a rental car. I have a confession to make. I can’t actually drive.


Now I haven’t deliberately kept this from my employer, it wasn’t mentioned in my interview nor was it in my job description alongside having excellent communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team or to meet deadlines in a fast paced working environment. It was neither an essential nor desirable attribute.


I have never lied about it, but I do avoid voluntarily giving out this information about myself. I’m almost 25 for goodness sake! Kids I used to babysit have got in the driver’s seat before me. I guess I just haven’t got around to it in 7 years. I’m used to the convenience of city living and not needing to be able to drive.


So while I am cruising comfortably on my P plates in my car rental marketing career, I have yet to get my Learners licence to drive. The irony of the situation was pointed out to me at a recent industry function when I was talking to a marketing guru from an airline. He asked me what kind of car I drove and I said quietly that, actually, I can’t drive. “What!” he exclaimed “You work for a car rental company and you can’t drive?!” True. But, I said to him, you work for an airline, can you fly a plane?


You see, what I try to market or sell is not driving. We don’t sell the idea of jumping into a rental car, the exhilaration of putting the key in the ignition, turning on the engine and…well, whatever it is that comes next.


No, we try to sell the idea of freedom, the thought of having independence and flexibility on holidays, exploring new places, making memories and having a good time. We try to inspire people to visit places off the beaten track and discover new things.


So does it actually matter that I can’t drive? Do you think dog food marketers have actually tasted what they’re selling? Exactly.


I have travelled around the world and I have been in cars lots of times, often simultaneously, so I know the feeling of having the wind in your hair, good music in your ears and a smile on your face. I know the excitement of visiting new and foreign lands and the joy of travelling around, not being in a cramped Greyhound bus or overcrowded non-air conditioned train.


I have just been in the passenger’s seat, not the driver’s, that’s all.


Having said all that, I know that I need to learn to drive. Will I finally take the plunge and learn? Yes, most definitely, in part to aid my copywriting, to gain independence and well, to see what all the fuss about.


Yes, there’s all that and also that promise that my partner made about getting a shiny new Yaris when I do finally get my license. Now that is an incentive to learn.

By: Car Guru

About the Author:

Brona writes for DriveAway Holidays and DriveAway Holidays Blog

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What kind of cars can you tow behind a motor home?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Cars | Sunday 30 November 2008 5:33 pm

My husband delivers motor homes for a living and needs a reliable car to tow behind for return trips home. He doesn’t want to have to disconnect the driveshaft each time as you have to do on some cars, or use a two wheel dolly. This would be for flat towing. Thanks!

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Jacobsen Greens King IV: Replacing Older Engines

Posted by Lexus Fast | Engine Rebuilding Kits | Sunday 30 November 2008 11:05 am

Small engine vehicles have been revitalized and revamped over the last several years. Golf carts and hauling vehicles once innovative in the 1980s were still able to be improved upon in the areas of design, steering mechanism, vehicle weight and basic functionality. Mowers, however, have remained constant in their design and mechanics for quite some time. The single biggest area of improvement for golf course and large area mowers is in the engine. Recent small engine mechanics innovation has allowed designers to create more powerful, easier to maintain, and more efficient engines for these pieces of equipment. Though older model mowers may have quality engines that are still getting the job done, many landscapers or greens keepers may find that the engine does not provide the power or efficiency that a newer vehicle could. Buying a new mower in order to get the power of a modern small engine is not necessary if you consider repowering the vehicle instead.

What Is Repowering?

Repowering a small engine refers to installing a newer rebuilt engine into an existing vehicle in order to improve its performance and save on buying a brand new vehicle or motor. By repowering, a landscapers or golf course maintenance crew gets more than just swapping out an old engine for the same rebuilt model engine. Rather, a repower kit swaps out an old engine for a newer, better engine model built with the latest technology. Repowering results in a better small engine in a vehicle for the fraction of the price of buying a new one.

I Already Have A Quality Engine

If you are a smart consumer, you have already bought a large mower from a reputable brand that stands by its products. So, you may wonder why you would ever want to consider repowering. Consider the Jacobsen Greens King IV. Jacobsen has an incredible reputation for being a leading turf maintenance mowers and equipment manufacturer for over 100 years. The company’s Greens King IV has been one of their best selling vehicles for over a quarter of a century. These mowers, however, will last longer and perform better if their engines are updated to newer models.

The need to innovate and improve performance is well understood by Jacobsen. The company’s newer model Greens King IV has a 16 or 18 horse power Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gas engines. Older models have a 14 or 16 horse power Kohler engines. Improving the engine is important to the long-term life of the mower and to achieve better performance. This is why so many are choosing to repower their landscaping mowers – to give their well-maintained older models more power and extend their life.

Jacobsen Greens King IV is a popular landscaping mower and hauling vehicle manufacturer. As such, there are a variety of repower kits available. There are Briggs & Stratton Vanguard small engines or Kohler small engine rebuild kits available, depending on what engine is currently installed in the GV IV. Diesel models are also great candidates for repower kits. Those landscapers with other mowers brands, something other than a Jacobsen, can easily find a repower kit compatible with their model too.

Where Do I Find A Repower Kit?

Small engine repower or rebuild kits are available from several certified dealers online. When looking for a kit, make sure the one you purchase comes with a warranty that you would expect from the original factory dealer. They are available. This will give you piece of mind and assurance that the quality of your machine will remain intact. After all, repowering a small engine is a step toward improving the value of your mower and extending its life.

~Ben Anton, 2008

By: Ben Anton

About the Author:
Ben Anton lives in Portland, OR and works for Labworks Design, a Portland-based web design firm. Read more about repowering from the experts on Jacobsen small engine repower kits at the Repower Specialists site for small engine mower rebuild kits for Cushman, Toro, and Kohler golf carts and mowers.

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automotive hand tools for beginners?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Automotive Tools | Sunday 30 November 2008 3:05 am

can somebody explain to me what the difference between 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch drive and what those numbers are measurements of.
i also am looking into buying a set of hand tools and wonder what is a good brand to buy it from. i am just looking for a cheap set that will get me started and build from there

thank you in advance

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What is a good sports car with lots of availble aftermarket preformance parts for under 10,000?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Aftermarket | Sunday 30 November 2008 2:25 am

Daniel L
i now drive a 2003 Cavalier ls coupe…looking to trade my car in for somthing different…i want somthing that is Good and dependable…but…i want it to have alot of aftermarket preformance parts… and is available in 5 speed…please list the year of the car u think i should look up…and i want somthing that insurance isnt too high on…thats why i wanted alot of aftermarket preformance parts lol…but please help me out…thanks….

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Car Salvage – Cars and Parts at a Bargain

Posted by Lexus Fast | Cars | Saturday 29 November 2008 11:48 pm

Car Salvage is a huge business and presents many opportunities for someone looking for a cheap car or cheap spare parts for their cars. If you cannot afford to buy a brand new car from a showroom or do not wish to buy a 20 year old used car, or wish to buy a second car for the family, buying a car from Car Salvage is the best option. You may be lucky and find your dream car within your budget at Car Salvage.

A Car Salvage company may have many cars of many brands and models, for sale, including crash damaged cars, bikes, vans, and many other types of vehicles. You can also find listings for slightly damaged or rain damaged cars that come directly from insurance companies.

A registered Car Salvage company has listings and auctions for the damaged cars that are offered by insurance companies after settling claims, and to compensate for the insurance write offs. Some people are just put off by Car Salvage Auctions, thinking that the cars must be scrap. But not all cars in a Car Salvage listing and auction are crash damaged and good only for scrap metal. Only those cars that are deemed repairable are listed. Many of them are rain damaged or damaged in some other way, or a stolen and recovered vehicle. There are varying degrees of damage to a car that come up for auctions. You can take the advice of your local garage owner and view the listings, with the details, in a Car Salvage auction, along with the prices, and discuss the cost of repair with the garage owner. You can get a fair idea of what you should bid and the final cost after repairs. You may be lucky and find a car in very good condition, with very little damage, and low cost of repair. You should also take into account the charges levied by the Car Salvage Company.

The process is simple enough and most Car Salvage Companies have websites with listings and registration process being conducted online. You do not even have to shell out all the money at once, and just have to pay a deposit, but you do have to register first. You can then request the Car Salvage Company to bid on your behalf in the auction, for the car that you have selected. If your bid wins, you pay the balance and complete the paperwork and you own the car. If you lose the bid, the deposit can be retained with the Car Salvage Company for a bid on another car. Whichever way it goes, buying a car from an auction is not all bad if you are careful.

Besides cars, you can also find motorcycles, vans, and other types of vehicles of many brands, makes, and models in Car Salvage listings and auctions. Besides vehicles, you can also find spare parts for your vehicles. You can find spare parts cars, bikes, vans, and other vehicles in the listings. You will just have to spend time looking through the listings or search for a specific brand, make, and model within your budget and price range. The market is huge with hundreds of vehicles and spare parts with the best prices and few hassles. If you are knowledgeable about cars and spare parts, it should not be a problem in selecting a car or looking for a spare part. But if you have very little knowledge about cars, parts, and repairing costs, etc, it would be better to take the advice of a garage owner you know, who will not only advice you, but also repair the car.

Please do visit our website or write to us for more information on or for all Salvage Cars, Car parts and spares

By: Sunil Punjabi

About the Author:
I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP,MCSD, MCAD.Net,MCSD.Net, MCP-.Net 2.0). I have been conducting Training and Certification Guidance for Microsoft .Net Certification Courses I also own a SEO/SEM Company. I like to write Articles on various subjects.

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Is it dangerous to leave cars air conditioning on while car is off?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Cars | Saturday 29 November 2008 5:36 pm

My mom says if you leave your cars air conditioning on when you turn the car off, so it automatically is on when you turn your car on, that it hurts the engine. Is that true or is she full of BS? It sounds like complete BS to me.

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Can someone please help me with my english? Automotive retail cover letter?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Automotive Tools | Saturday 29 November 2008 2:05 pm

I made this cover letter below. Let me know what can be changed/added or modified. Your help is highly appreciated. Going tomorrow morning on job search.

Dear Manager,
I’ve been purchasing tools and spare parts from your store for months, admiring the vast selection of products you got there and wishing I could work there. But until now it wasn’t possible. Today, however, I’m in a position to apply for a part time/casual retail salespersons job providing you got vacancies.
I decided to write a cover letter to introduce myself and then ask for an in-person meeting to discuss what you are looking for. I currently work as a part time Mechanic for Subaru ******* and study at ******** completing my Advanced Diploma of Automotive Management. Therefore my availability is limited only for the weekends (Saturday and Sunday full day) until December.
I have worked in a few automotive workshops, working on a vast range of Japanese and European vehicles. Searching for correct reliable spare parts was one of the biggest objectives I had at work, which made me apply for this job and to learn how to provide the customers with the correct reliable spare part/tool according to their need.
Furthermore in the past as a Subway restaurant supervisor I have learned a lot about customer service and how a happy customer will promote the business whereas an unhappy customer could actually demote the business.
In overseas I have a background where I worked on a lot on cars and doing car sales as my father owns a car yard, hence the reason I became a mechanic.
Now I seek an opportunity to further develop my customer service and managing skills and I think that this would be a better career path in the long run. I hope that my knowledge in vehicles would be an advantage for this job.
If you’d like to schedule an interview with me, and I hope you do, please call me on ********* and state a date and a time and I’ll be there.



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