Simple codes to help you buy a car?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Volvo | Thursday 23 September 2010 2:25 am

Always Unsafe Designs Implemented

Big Money Works
Bought My Wife
Brutal Money Waster
Bimbette Motor Weapon
Break My Window

Big Ugly Indestructible Car Killer

Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips
Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time
Cheap Heap, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time
Condition Hopeless, Entire Vehicle Relies On Leftover Engine Technology

Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere
Dem Old Dudes Go Everywhere
Dead or Dying Gas Eater
Dear Old Dad’s Geriatric Express

Failure in Italian Automotive Technology
Fix It All the Time
Fix it again, Tony!

First On Recall Day
First On Race Day
First On Rust and Deterioration
Fix Or Repair Daily
Found On Road, Dead
Fault Of R &; D
Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Features O.J. and Ron’s DNA
Found On Russian Dump

General Maintenance
Great Mistake

Garage Man’s Companion
Got A Mechanic Coming?

Had One Never Did Again

Hope You Understand Nothing’s Drivable And Inexpensive…

Most Always Zipping Dangerously Along

Old Ladies Driving Slowly Make Others Behind Infuriatingly Late Everywhere
Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buick’s Irregular Leftover

Put in new transmission often

Poor old Neanderthal thinks its a Cadillac

Send Another Automobile Back
Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown
Sorry Assed Auto Builders

Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto

Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
Vehicles Of Low Velocity Owners

Virtually Worthless

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7 Tips to Buying a Used Car

Posted by Mustang Sally | Buying & Selling Cars | Monday 20 September 2010 12:29 pm

Here are 7 brief tips to help you buy a used car.

1. Let the sales person know that you are just looking and that you will let him know when you find a car that interests you.

2. Look over the cars and their prices to see if any of them are what you are really looking for.

3. Act disinterested at all times. Even if a car catches your eye, just give it a once-over and move on to the next one. You want the sales person to get the idea that they are going to have to work to get your sale.

4. Ask the sales person if they would mind you having your mechanic take a look at a car you’re interested in. You want your own mechanic to approve the soundness of the vehicle before you’d consider signing a contract. If you can’t get that, walk away.

5. Should you find a car that looks good, ask the sales person to look up the Blue Book value – and ask to see the book to be sure you’re getting an accurate value.

6. What’s the best price he can offer? What about used car financing? What kind of APR is it? Remember, he wants to make the sale as badly as you want to get a car.

7. Consider that your bottom line is to obtain a reliable used car that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, at a fair market price and an interest rate that’s commensurate with your credit rating.

You will probably need to explore more than one dealerships to achieve your goal. With a little patience and car-buying savvy, you’ll succeed. And one sales person will be happy, too.

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race: s80 or caprice classic?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Volvo | Sunday 19 September 2010 11:56 am

Michael J
What car would win in a race…a 2001 volvo s80 t6 or a 1996 chevy caprice classic with the lt1 motor?
this is an ongoing argument between me and my dad. i have the volvo but we havent had time to line them up yet

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Drifting, were to learn and be safe about it?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Other – Cars & Transportation | Saturday 18 September 2010 6:19 am


well, i drive a lancer ES 2006 and love driving it. i learn every aspect of what can be done with this car, drag, street, mountain racing…ect….i want to learn how to drift, and do it safe.

for all of thoes people who are going to come on here and chew me out about racing, i do NOT street race, i TRACK race. that way if there is a wreck it hopefully involves me only, and if it has to, the people who chose to be there.

what can i use to learn how to drift, what are some good ways to teach myself. i have looked around for people who know what they are doing but its not it. reccomendations on how to learn, whats safe, whats not safe, how to train….ect…

i do drive a 5 speed manual transmission, with bucket seats and a custom racing wheel with racing tires, so i have the tools i just need the skill.

just tips on how you learned to drift, and what made you better is what im looking for

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I was wondering if I should make my 2003 4-door chevy cavalier a street racing car?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Chevrolet | Friday 17 September 2010 5:41 pm

CHEVY! Reptarrrrr!!!!
I was wondering if I should make my 2003 4-door chevy cavalier a street racing car? (I know.. not a good choice of a car.)
All I need to know is if its possible to make it a good street racing car.
If so can anyone please give me some tips on anything?

Give us your opinion

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your opinion about this idea please! And any tips you would like to give me?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Buying & Selling Cars | Wednesday 15 September 2010 8:13 pm

Rodney D
I am 16 and im getting a car. It is a 2001 nissan maxima. I picked this car because it looks nice and has a decent sized engine for my insurance. A 3.0 v6 to be exact. anyway i want to get into the street racing scene without actually doing it and not like a wana be. I just want a nive car that when im on the freeway with my friends i ca keep up with them. i do plan on putting a light body kit on it wit rims. In addition to finding the cheapest ways to add the most horse power. Tell me what you think of my idea and give me different ideas please.

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The best way to Get Satellite tv for pc Tv set Packages Over My Personal computer Anyplace In the world

Posted by Robin A. Eichhorn | Polls & Surveys | Tuesday 14 September 2010 12:45 am

Around the a long time, the Tv sector has gone from strength to strength. It is now not merely a favourite pastime but additionally a critical functional communication medium in contemporary societies. You can find now different forms of Tv set transmission. Regular broadcast even now heads the pack. Cable and satellite programming have established viable but confined only to their niches. The up and returning World-wide-web Tv is swiftly gaining popularity and is clearly the 1 for your future.

World-wide-web Tv has been around for years without having very much observe primarily as a result of know-how constraints. Because Internet Telly is essentially Television set on Computer, early-generation web and Pc limitations in pace and capability had rendered internet Television not viable. Things are various nowadays. The mega-bps broadband world-wide-web and mega-hertz CPUs can much more than aptly help web Tv set on Pc. If desired, the programming can be propagated more to other AV programs. Television set on Pc is also possible from other feeds apart from the internet. Computers can be enabled as TVs aided by the addition of a Tv set Tuner board or box. With that, we will observe traditional, cable or satellite tv for pc Telly as well on our computer systems. An apparent advantage out of this is the fact that not simply can the pc double as a Television, it might multi-task the two features simultaneously for your consumer on satellite internet for TV.

Internet Television set programming are mainly courtesy of Free-to-Air broadcasts. You can find 2 types. The initial one is by discrete internet sites that are extremely corporation or solution specific. As this kind of, they are generally constrained in equally scope and goal. The other sort is normal Telly programming. They’re basically subscription Tv set by industrial services providers. These operators collect numerous FTA Tv programming worldwide and supply them for access to their members above the web via the utilization of their specialized software program packages.

World wide web Telly on Personal computer is Tv set programming accessed above the net by means of the use of computers as we would using the many duties that we execute day in and working day out. With Telly, they can be accomplished by means of the employment of software package, hardware or combo. Of these strategies, the computer software technique is most well-known for factors of user-friendliness, low expense and getting readily available on-the-spot.

Basically, you will find now hundreds of thousands of Television followers in the US alone who’re currently enjoying World wide web Tv set on Laptop with a lot of additional coming on. Expectedly, you can find company providers sprouting up all more than the location in response towards the increasing need. That is why there’ll be the unavoidable bunch fly-by-night operators. A savvy way to avoid staying scammed is always to verify out the assessment sites for info and rating. They will get their lower but these guys set in their due diligence and will stage you on the correct ones.

What’s an world-wide-web prepared Television set? The solution is fairly basic. Quite a few production corporations join fingers aided by the well known net outlets and supply wealthy web articles for their buyers. This content is confined to handful of web sites only; a person can’t browse any internet site he/she desires to. There is no have to connect your Pc to the television set. Typically all the extensively day-to-day employed web sites have partnered together with the well-known tv set production brands.

Some from the Tv set brand names which can be into this world wide web completely ready Television set enterprise are Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic and numerous much more. Samsung world-wide-web completely ready TV’s are supplying Yahoo and Flicker though you may have Sony Bravia supplying you to browse You Tube web page together with Amazon- video on Desire. Corporations maintain on wanting to be part of a partnership with various sites to boost the internet subject material and therefore get much more consumers.We also have Netflix and Blockbuster who are presenting motion pictures more than the internet, and numerous Tv set Suppliers are integrating there software program inside the new model TV’s. Along with the common Tv viewing encounter one can appreciate net surfing with out any hassle. You are just a click away from viewing the listing of contents of net searching in your tv set display. This new pattern has succeeded and is also going to carry a new era on the earth of tv set viewing and net searching.

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How to Balanced diet plan At House – A Established, Swiftly, Prosperous System

Posted by Robin A. Eichhorn | Opel | Sunday 12 September 2010 5:00 pm

When most people today think of finding out the way to balanced diet plan at household, they consider about the fasting cleanse that calls for you to throw in the towel foodstuff and drink glasses filled with unusual inredients. That may be one particular way of detoxifying one’s body. But if you’ve in no way performed a nutrients plan or it has been a very long time since you’ve done it, you must be mindful that heading into it with complete gusto might be surprising to your entire body. The very best solution to nutrients plan at house would be to go wholesome by cutting out food and substances which might be overworking your liver and create meals which were shown to have useful effects.

Detoxification at Home – Meals You need / Meals You Don’t

Fruit and veggies might be the mainstay of the detoxification approach. You may have as much as 3 servings of fruit in a day and unlimited amounts of most vegetables. Usually do not try to eat bananas, potatoes or corn. Should you consume peas, increase them to your servings of legumes rather than counting them as vegetables. All of those are large in sugars and starch. You need to get your starch from total grains and legumes. Whenever feasible, eat your meals whole or put the fruit or vegetable inside of a juicer with skins intact. Remember to often wash your fruit and veggies ahead of eating them!

Twice everyday, consist of total grains in your food plan. In case you purchase bread, make certain the bread you purchase is 100% total grain. There should be no refined ingredients. Brown rice and steel-cut oatmeal are great options for full grains.

Mastering tips on how to cleanse at residence is about understanding how to eat somewhat differnetly. Tend not to partake of meat or any animal products for example eggs, cheese or milk even though you happen to be on your detoxification at household approach. You will find other sources of protein you can use for example beans, raw almonds and unsalted seeds that provide protein and aid to detoxify your liver.

You can find only two acceptable fats and they are olive oil and canola oil. It’s encouraged that you’ve got two servings of those every day. A good strategy to integrate them should be to bring them to vinegar or lemon juice to produce a dressing. Do not eat mayonnaise, margarine, bottle dressings, vegetable oil or butter.

Your detox at house plan should consist of a gallon of water or additional daily. Drinking water helps to flush out the poisons which can be getting launched into your program. This is necessary if you wish to have the balanced diet plan completed swiftly and without having all the nasty 1000 aspect consequences concerned.

In case you are elderly, you mustn’t detox at property. Usually do not set youthful young children on this kind of approach. When you are fighting an addiction whether or not it is to alcohol or medication will not detox devoid of currently being beneath the care of specialists. If you are on prescriptions or have a health concern, discuss with your health practitioner about whether or not or not a cleanse at home approach is appropriate for you. As a result of the nature of nutrients plan, your system will most likely react with some harsh symptoms. It truly is often very best to view your medical doctor ahead of you go on a cleansing food plan. Or even a <a title=”3 day detox” href=””>3 day detox</a>.

Mastering the best way to <a title=”cleansing fast” href=””>cleansing fast</a> at house includes an eating plan that is very low in calories and as this sort of, shouldn’t be maintained for longer than ten days. When you just like the way you’re feeling on the finish of the nutrients plan, you can just create protein from salmon, tuna or chicken along with low-fat plain yogurt with fruit you blend into it. It is inadvisable to consume a lot more than two servings of fish every week. In the event you are concerned about something for the duration of your detox at residence, you must see a specialist or your family medical doctor.

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Hey you car fanatics how does this book sound?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Other – Cars & Transportation | Thursday 9 September 2010 8:57 pm

Hi. I am writing a book entitled Edge Line here is my description give me your opinion! Also give me tips on publishing and stuff! Also a street racing novel was never made before! The book is being written now. Thanks

My new book stars a young kid on his way to fame street racing! ON his road to the top you will see him advance from a kid that plays games to a living legend of the streets! Watch as he grows, gains friends, faces rivals some being traitor friends, watches the danger to street racing unfold before him, as the need to win and the need to go fast gets stronger. Read as the pain of loss ones and the thrill gets to him!

Comment please!

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