SCP 2JZ Lexus drift at napierville #1

Posted by Lexus Fast | Lexus | Thursday 24 March 2011 7:41 pm


SCP 2JZ Lexus drift

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Smartphone Apps For Drinkers

Posted by jim langdon | Cars,Law & Ethics | Thursday 24 March 2011 12:28 pm

Driving while intoxicated is serious business. Your are at risk of causing serious injury or death, plus getting a DUI ticket can mean a big hit to your wallet, along with other problems.

Recently several smartphone apps have come on the market designed to help people avoid such problems.

R U Buzzed is basically a calculator (BAC ) which helps you estimate your blood alcohol level. You just enter basic information like body weight, how many
drinks you’ve had, etc.

Last Call is a similar app which goes into a little more detail. It even lists DUI lawyers in your area!

Phantom Alert is an app which gives you audible and visual warnings for Speed Traps and Cameras, Red Light Cameras, School Zones, DUI Checkpoints, and more. Some people are against PhantomAlert and consider it a Drunk Driving app.

Regardless of which app you use, you shouldn’t rely on it exclusively. Consider them to only be a tool that encourages responsible behaviour.

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**** Am I a Jerk for this?

Posted by Lexus Fast | Volvo | Tuesday 22 March 2011 9:20 pm

Sal Wall
I started dating an International student a year ago. I fell so in love with him in such a short time. Everytime we would go anywhere, is was like I had blinders on. No matter who was around or how hot they were, I just did not notice them. I only saw my KIKA. He had not owned his own automobile since he moved to the US 3 years prior to my meeting him, mostly because of his Ex. I learned that his dream car was a Red Dodge Ram pickup. I then started my search and found a Red Dodge Ram with racing stripes. I went and worked a deal with the seller and took it to show it to him. I will never forget the look in his eyes or the expression on his face. Because he has no SS #, I had to put it in my name. PLEASE NOTE, I never [aid for it, he paid the payments until it was paid off and paid the insurance, etc. I really love this guy and think he is the most wonderful and precious person in the entire world. I FEEL LIKE THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!
Well one day we had an argument and during the argument he was being so hurtful. I was crying so hard and just kept pleading with him to stop being so hateful and hurtful. Well it continued and I said the only thing I knew to get him to stop!!! I said, the truck is in my name, so just walk. I can be just as mean as you. After I said this, he did stop and since then he has never forgiven me for it. Yet I have forgiven him for kissing three other people when I was away. I know he has never sexually cheated on me and I know I love him and trust him….. He does not want the truck now and said I could have it. I told him that I would give it to goodwill and he agreed… I don’t get it, the truck is paid for and I have agreed to sign it over to him or trade it in to get him a volvo conv…This really hurts because my helping him get the truck came from pure love for him, love without conditions. I wanted him to have his freedom and independence. This is like a knife in my back! Is he doing this just to hurt me or because he has some type of guilt? This man is so very special to me, he is my Kika, my Sweet Love…… Shattered In Arlington, TX

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Great Reasons to Buy Used Cars

Posted by Geno Phelps | Other – Cars & Transportation | Tuesday 22 March 2011 9:35 am

Today, cars are no longer luxuries, but it is now a necessity to almost all people. In spite of the increase in the cost of the fuel, having your own car is still more ideal for most of the individuals. Apart from the comfort that private vehicles offer, you are also guaranteed with regard to your safety since you not out to eye-catching persons or dangerous places like train or subway stations.

So having a car is beyond disputes already. Still, settling on a brand new car or opt for a used car can be somewhat difficult. Some individuals go for brand new car without any uncertainty. There are also some who can afford to buy a brand new vehicle but opt to have a used car because of the benefits that they can get from it. Here are some of the great benefits of buying used car.

The first benefit is the price. If you want to save a lot of money, you will settle with used car since this is cheaper than buying a new car. As a matter of fact, the difference in the price of both new and used car is basically large since the brand new sedans have been increasing its value over time. Second is depreciation. There is surely no apprehension of driving off with at least 30 percent decline in the initial few years of possession. After all, this is already depreciated and the depreciation is somewhat taken off the price in the market. We suggest you visit this site to check used car prices and read some reviews that will help you make up your mind.

The third benefit is the dependability of used cars. It is generally more dependable nowadays and apart from the truth that this kind of car is already proven in terms of its durability and performance. Older cars are made more strong than new cars because of the kind of materials that are employed in the assembling of older cars.

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lexus drift

Posted by Lexus Fast | Lexus | Monday 21 March 2011 10:22 pm


toyota soarer…or lexus sc300 who knows, but who cares this car is bad ass, probably has 2JZ but it moves and the guy knew his car

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Dirt 2 350z nissan racing

Posted by Lexus Fast | Nissan | Friday 18 March 2011 9:42 pm


Me racing with a 350z nissan :O!

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Volvo Touring Car Racing History – Part 2 of 2

Posted by Lexus Fast | Volvo | Thursday 17 March 2011 8:23 pm


Visit for more. Volvo is more than just a maker of safe cars. They’ve been racing for years, in rally and touring cars. From the British Touring Car Championship to the C30, Volvo takes us on a tour of their racing history. Part 2 of 2.

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House Numbers – Why You Should Choose One Made From Porcelain Enamel ?

Posted by Article Expert | Aftermarket,Aftermarket Car Parts Accessories,Domestic | Wednesday 16 March 2011 5:20 am

Changing your house number plaques can also be a great way to increase safety of your home as well. If you are living in an area which does not have a lot of light, consider purchasing illuminated house light numbers. If you want to provide stronger lighting, you can also use landscape lighting to focus on your home numbers as well. Studies have proven that additional light can be a great way to deter crime, theft, and vandalism to your property.

It is possible to get hand stenciled signs in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. This means that it is possible to find a sign that will work with any type of home exterior. Whether you are looking for a sign that has a more classic design or one that is more modern looking the sharp relief of the lettering will get the attention you have been looking for and will continue to look beautiful whether it is the first day you have put it up or whether it has been up on the outside of your home for years.

If your home has a design which is traditional a modern sign would look out of place. A plain sign with a modern style of type may look odd and it can detract from the impression your home will give out. When choosing a sign for a building with a traditional exterior, a type style that uses serifs is best since these tend to look more traditional. A serif is a small addition to certain areas of a letter or number. One style of type that has serifs is Bodoni. This would look beautiful on a building with a traditional exterior. A modern style of lettering that does not use serifs is Helvetica. This style of type could fit well on a modern building.

Another store I found whilst browsing the internet looks really interesting because they offer to make you hand-painted ceramic house numbers to your own design. If you want something that is genuinely unique and a realistic reflection of your personality this is the place to visit. You only have to tell them which theme you prefer and what sort of colors and designs you like and they’ll work with you to create an artistic and pretty plaque. The selection of themes includes: flowers, country, classical, southwest, Victorian, romantic, oceanic, birds, animals, birds, flowers, herbs and any other theme that you want. I found this on a website called Art on Tile.

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Volvo Racing-it´s me,not the Stig!

Posted by Lexus Fast | Volvo | Monday 14 March 2011 9:15 am


This is my favorite racing game-and it´s for free

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Free Sudoku Puzzles To Print !

Posted by Article Expert | Entertainment,Games,Smart | Sunday 13 March 2011 1:06 am

Many intimates realize the remuneration of keeping their brain exercised and, meant for nearly everyone, a day by day sudoku puzzles to print challenge is the fun and fascinating way to execute it. Where did this puzzle reach from and how did it evolve into the format we all know and love? Featuring in this article we will discover the history of sudoku.

These PC downloads reach in many themes and variations and round about mix up other skin texture such as a background story, quest or treasure hunt. So with the aim of near are not really in the region of solving a basic numerical brainteaser but a puzzle with symbols or hidden codes with the aim of cover to be solved in order to reveal clues.

We need to leap ahead 200 years or else the concepts of Latin Squares gave get out of bed to the forebear of Sudoku puzzles.Featuring in 1979, Dell Magazine in the USA in print come again? It called a ‘Number Place’ puzzle. This was the earliest incarnation of come again? We at this point call Sudoku and was attributed to retired draftswoman Howard Garnes.

There are many sites someplace I can find on the house puzzles games, by printing inedible and solving them on paper single by single. But the benefit of downloading stuffed on the house Sudoku PC games is with the aim of I cover access to limitless games correct near on my PC. I can at that moment elect as soon as and which level to comedy – from uncomplicated to tricky exclusive of having to print them inedible.

Being a game with the aim of does not really require single to master a few arithmetic concepts even though figures comedy a most important role also most likely thinking in the region of the placement of a run of 1-9 in such a way with the aim of rebuff add up to is frequent in the same row or procession and appears lone after in the same, sudoku puzzles free is a brain-game with the aim of tests your reasoning skills and sharpens your mental faculties.

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