Which one is correct – Aftermarket or After Market???

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Was the Original Chrysler 300 the First Muscle Car?

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Aftermarket vs OEM

One big question has always been “When do I use aftermarket parts and when should I use OEM?” There are several guidelines or “rules of thumb” when trying to answer this question. first, let’s look at repairing your car as opposed to modifying your car.

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Aftermarket or After Market???

Who cares! As long as it gets people here!

Car parts and accessories come in many shapes and forms. You can buy factory parts or you can buy what is referred to as "aftermarket" or "after market.

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Aftermarket Car Parts

Factory parts are just replacement parts. Aftermarket parts and accessories are usually better and often offer higher performance than stock parts.

Many people who own vehicles put a lot of effort into making them look showroom new while others like to give their cars personality and one-of-a-kind style. These people want to look for car parts and accessories that are geared for the exterior of the vehicle. You can choose from among dozens of items to use for your ride.

You can use aftermarket car parts to do all kinds of interesting customizations to your automobile. There are car body kits that allow you to put a completely new body on your car. There are customizable lights, spoilers, rims, wheels – you name it. After market car parts can even help you turn your car into a racing machine. It always amazes me how extreme you can make your car without stopping it from being street legal. There really are after market auto parts that will let you change your economy car into a racing machine. You can even do it to compact cars!

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